One woman's dream of finding love again in the autumn of life

Then, it became a fairy tale ...

The story of her dream come true

By Gina Gates

                                    "Many years ago,

              I awkwardly chased my girlish dreams of love;                           but when those dreams re-surfaced,

                           they weren’t girlish anymore.      

        They had developed into the panoramic and imposing                                     
dreams of a woman."

                                                                ~ Gina Gates,
Falling in October



                                    Let God write your love story. He knows the outcome.
                                                         It was the autumn of her life,

                                    but she still believed in romance, passion, and destiny.
                                                     So, she wrote Falling in October ~ 

a book of real love letters to the man she dreamed of, 
                                                               but had never met. 

                                    Her words were true, but the story was yet to be written. 

                                                       Then, one day, she met a man
                                                            who captured her heart. 

                                                              He read her book.
                                          And he knew... and she knew... he was the one. 
                                                        They lived happily in October.

                                                         So, she wrote another book
                                                      about how she found love again
                                                           in the autumn of her life. 
                                                  After heartache, joy can come again.
                                                 Second chances are Heaven's specialty.         
                                                             Once Upon October
                                                                     is the story
                                                              of beauty for ashes
                                                 and an improbale dream come true.


                                          Half of their miracle was finding each other.
                                                    The other half was holding onto it.

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                                                                 And, now....
                                           Gina's story has been told in a screenplay.
                                                      The movie is yet another dream
                                                        still waiting to come true.

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