One woman's dream of finding love again in the autumn of life

Then, it became a fairy tale ...

The story of her dream come true

By Gina Gates
  Two Books

FALLING IN OCTOBER is a unique perspective on "second time around" romance, based on the author’s own experience after a difficult divorce. The
premise is a woman in the autumn of life candidly sharing about her reinvention and new assessment of love--but with a twist. It is written directly to the man she hopes to meet, which makes this book truly different from other "mid-life love" subject matter. The vulnerable, journal-type tone creates an intimate reflection of lessons learned and a woman's dreams for the future.

This book spans both romantic fiction and non-fiction genres. The first-person format will fascinate idealistic, love story enthusiasts while enlightening baby boomers who are struggling with expressing their romantic identity and mid-life passion. Falling in October is tastefully targeted to a wide adult market by avoiding sexually overt language and focusing instead on intimacy within a purely romantic vein. Female readers will identify with the feminine, incurable romantic and admire the intelligent woman who clearly knows what she wants. Men who would not normally be interested in a romantic book will be intrigued by Falling in October because it is specifically addressed to a man and gives ever-needed insights on how women think.

"I will likely continue to over-explain that I'm not delusional about romance. I prefer to think of myself as passionately fine-tuned--partly from a lifetime of learning what love isn't." --Gina Gates, Falling in October

ONCE UPON OCTOBER is the story about Gina's adventure in writing Falling in October and finding love again.  After marriage, motherhood, and ministry, a crushing midlife divorce wasn't what Gina ever imagined for the autumn of her life. Through her tears and fears about starting over, she seeks solace in her prayer journal, where she finds faith and unexpected hope to love again. Surprised by heavenly clues about a tall, shadowed man in her future, Gina writes to him in a romantic book, Falling in October, believing destiny will bring them together. Ironically, her dreams often contradict Gina’s real-life missteps in her pursuit of October love. From a whirlwind romance with a rough-cut charmer, to lackluster Internet dating, to a sentimental brush with a dashing mentor, love proves to be even more complicated the second time around.

A long distance relationship with a handsome politician throws Gina into a small town’s election campaign and a whole new world. Then, a hardline screenwriter tangles with her belief in “happily ever after” as they write a movie script about her midlife adventure, only to find himself caught up in her storybook. Even when Gina miraculously meets the mysterious man she envisioned, the puzzle pieces don't fall perfectly in place. But, she finally remembers that dreams are always tested before they come true - even in fairy tales. Based on the amazing true story of an unlikely couple brought together through delightful divine coincidence, Gina opens her heart to share her inspiring journey from heartache to joy. Her spiritual wisdom will encourage you to believe in dreams, and her romantic insights will make you believe in love.



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