One woman's dream of finding love again in the autumn of life

Then, it became a fairy tale ...

The story of her dream come true

By Gina Gates
  "Come To Me Soon"

                                         "There is one thing I know about you
                                              that keeps me believing in us
                                                on those days when I wish
                                              I had a new reason to believe.
                                       It's knowing that as I walk towards you,
                                               you are walking towards me.
                                           It's that somewhere inside of you,
                                                    you know I exist too.


 "If this book becomes a star in the sky to shed some light towards
    each other, I will know why I felt so strongly about writing it."




                     "I am already stirred to love you
                           with complete abandon.
                      The fire is already burning in me,
            so it will be nice and warm when you get here.
         I'm definitely all woman--sentimental and sensual;
          but it will take one special man to get all of me."


            "I am not afraid                                        
         of losing my identity,                                 
             Rather, I want
             our identities                                      
to magnify each other,                              
            and we will have                        
           that extra identity                     
        of who we are as one,                                                               together."                                                                          

      "A man's character is not built
      with the perfectly formed bricks
      of privilege, luck, or circumstances,
      but with broken pieces.
      But then, that's why a mosaic
      is such a handsome work of art."     

       "Even if the past is the past and you're all shined up again,
   how easy is it to believe that someone else is going to love you
               even when the inevitable tarnish shows up?
       My feeling is that she will if she is the one meant for you."



"I want it all--
       a love that flourishes as
                best friends,
                    fiery lovers,
                        intellectual cohorts,
                            creative collaborators,
                               and whatever else
                                                                              we can come up with."

                       It's not just about fantasy nights, but fantastic days.
                              The same passion that howls at midnight
                                     can make a sandwich at noon
                         and serve it with a kiss that will knock you over."

     "Ultimately, love should say this:
     'I'm always here for you--to please you,
     to give you what you need,
     to comfort you, and to love you.
     You are my priority,
     and everything else can wait.'
     How could either of us be dissatisfied
     with that kind of love?"

  "At the end of the day, I'll lean softly on your strong shoulder and melt into your arms.
                            And at the end of the day, that's all I'll want."


All quotes from Falling In October by Gina Gates ©2011
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