One woman's dream of finding love again in the autumn of life

Then, it became a fairy tale ...

The story of her dream come true

By Gina Gates
  The Rest of the Story

YES. Gina did meet the mysterious man in her book.

For the readers of Falling in October, here is an update. Once a book of romantic dreams, my book became the backdrop for a real life testimony of love. I had hoped my own faith to find love again would help others to believe again too. I can say that my inspiration had true merit, because I've found my "happily ever after".

My story has been told in a screenplay, also called "Falling in October". My next dream is that a producer will pick up the script and make a film that will bring even more encouragement to those who long for love.

Until then, you can read the story in my newest book, Once Upon October.

I want to say again to my single friends the same thing I have written in both of my October books. Don't settle for less than all love can and should be. Don't give up, because it can happen. Crazy, romantic, amazing love like I've never known has happened to me. Even though I believed wholeheartedly it would happen, it still took me by surprise. Faith can give us vision, but we only see in part. When the fullness comes, it is always more beautiful than we anticipated.


"Falling in October is the most touching vision of romantic love I've ever read...it expresses her private hopes and wishes; and with that, her insightful, inspirational and beautiful musings...as penetrating as Cupid's arrow, suddenly and irresistibly opening your heart...as insightful as the Romantic poets, and therefore more helpful than a whole stack of modern relationship guides...Gina weaves her eloquent prose and poetry, and her stories and song, into a captivating tapestry of love. Her prose is a breath of spring air that beckons you to breathe in deeply..."
                        --Dr. Craig Glickman; author, Solomon's Song of Love:
                          Let the Song of Songs Inspire Your Own Romantic Story

  "I don’t believe destiny is tapped more 
    effectively or sooner with a wider search; it 
    comes to us when we are open and true to
    ourselves. And when that happens, we’ll 
    find that we don’t need a searchlight, but a
    very fine laser. "

Gina Gates, Falling In October


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"Gina Gates sounds like my kind of woman! Falling In October is a magically written love story of one woman's prophetic hopes & dreams of her very own future... making her own reality... in yes... the October of her life. Not only does she know what she wants... Gina is genuinely preparing to make her own destiny come true by writing this book. I definitely envy "him" (whomever that may be, or become)... because I sense a certain unexplored passion within Gina that would be quite challenging... yet forever interesting. She deserves a genuine hero."
                                              -- Steve, Amazon reader review

"I laughed, I cried, I read it twice...Thank you, Gina Gates! This book was everything a great book should be. Romance, passion, anger, warmth... you name it. I love reading them on my e-reader, but I'll be buying a paper copy too for my shelf. What an amazing book!" 
                                           -- MrsSofieDamutt, Barnes & Noble reader review

"This author is certainly a unique individual...she's an untapped well of human expression."

                                           -- HDTigercat, YouTube viewer review

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The real life story of how Gina fell in October.

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"It's not just about falling in love...
It's about
Falling In October."