One woman's dream of finding love again in the autumn of life

Then, it became a fairy tale ...

The story of her dream come true

By Gina Gates
  About Gina

"The epiphanies in the autumn of my life have come with an unexpected, astounding depth. All my early notions of love have returned in a full-circle effect, bringing back waves of emotions about the turnkey experiences of my entire life."   --Gina Gates, Falling In October

After decades of a Christian marriage, ministry, and a houseful of children, the autumn of Gina's life began painfully with a midlife divorce that defied all she had ever known and believed. But, out of the ashes, God brought healing and renewed faith.

Gina's prayers for a second chance at "happily ever after" were met with heavenly signs as she envisioned a new future with a man she would meet. She wrote to him in a book, Falling in October, hoping he would someday read her words and know he was the one. Little did she know that she had written the first few chapters of her own fairy tale.

Gina has since met and married the man who was divinely revealed to her. Their beautiful story has been told in a drama/romance screenplay also titled, "Falling in October". Her newest book, Once Upon October, chronicles her miraculous journey from sorrow to the fulfillment of her dreams.

At an early age, Gina loved to write and was said to have "a taste for words". For over twenty years, she has dabbled in the publishing field as a copywriter, book editor, and author. Ever the hopeful romantic, Gina writes to encourage those who are lonely or brokenhearted to keep
believing in love. It's never too late!  ♥

                                   SO...WHY THE SILHOUETTE?

When you read Falling In October, you'll understand. But until then, know that the absence of a face to match the writing is by design.

Like blindness sharpens the other senses, you have to look deep into my words rather than into my eyes. No, I'm not shy or reclusive. I just want to be known first by who I am rather than who I appear to be. And, for the man I'm writing to, I want my heart to be adored first--before he decides whether he is crazy about my smile. Even if I know he will be.    

I'm shadowed, yet I'm not hiding. No, not when I openly share my intimate feelings about romance with the world. My lifetime of personal experiences are categorically displayed, all the way back to my childhood. As my life unwinds in over 57,000 words, my heart rends it's own version of the story. I just sit back and watch the emotional parade, astounded that unfound love holds me so passionately. 

As I explained it to a friend, I think my veiled identity adds to the creative illusion of my book. In a sense, I represent the longing of every woman in the October of her life who is praying for the ultimate love. We are all 'Gina'. Her collective romantic pulse encourages every October man to find his very own 'Gina'. Anyone can read my words, but after all is said and done, only one man will fall in love with the real 'Gina'. So, if my features are invisible, then your mind's eye can imagine the face and attributes of your own true love.

My literary journey is literal. I continue to write about and am devoted to the one man who is my beloved destiny. As one who was once filled with despair, I wanted to invite others to latch on to my renewed faith in love. I hope you will hold out for nothing less than your heart's desire. ♥

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